We offer volunteer opportunities all year round for students to gain experience within their specific area. With many of our volunteers and placements often leading to full time, part time & seasonal paid work opportunities for students. Many of our students travelling on our experience South Africa coaching and teaching trips thereafter.

Over the last number of years HQ has been offering a variety of opportunities and placements to students such as:

  • Coaching & Teaching Delivery
  • Business & Marketing
  • Volunteering in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Inclusive Community Projects

All of our placement/Work experience opportunities can be created to suit your needs and project goals. This can mean that your placement may be one day per week for an academic year or simply week/s long solid blocks.

Example of placements we can provide are

Sixth Forms & Colleges

Work experience – Planning, delivery and evaluation of HQ sports clubs and camps for a solid duration block that your school or college require.


Placements – Planning, designing and goal setting a project along side the staff at HQ to allow a student to take a lead role within the company. This provides opportunities for students to get involved in real life work and to prepare for life after university.

Get in touch

To enquire email us your desired placement and a copy of your CV to admin@thehqcoachingcentre.co.uk.